A day in the life of Barney, Senior Account Director at Reynolds-MacKenzie

Written by Barney Mayles on Monday 22nd October 2018

Meet Barney, just one of the stories behind the headlines

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Tell us more about a day in the life of a Senior Account Director at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

As a Senior Account Director, I find myself at the fun intersection between driving strategy and project delivery for clients – as well as focussing on business performance for Reynolds-MacKenzie. On the client side, I work across accounts that offer diversity through product communications, disease awareness, corporate reputation and social media. It’s important that I understand our clients’ needs in each of these areas and provide valuable counsel and direction. In terms of delivering for Reynolds-MacKenzie, we have small to large teams driving multiple projects forwards. It’s my responsibility to allocate resource, understand priorities, and ensure the business delivers work efficiently and to a high standard. I am also involved in company initiatives including the Reynolds-MacKenzie marketing team – tasked with raising our profile both within Open Health as well as with companies outside the group.

What did your first week at Reynolds-MacKenzie look like?

My first week at Reynolds-MacKenzie was very welcoming! As soon as I stepped through the door on day one, I was greeted by my “buddy” who showed me to my seat and introduced me to the other members of my pod. Later that day, I was introduced to the rest of the other three pods. On day two, there was a company meeting where I had to give an interesting fact about myself – I passed that hurdle and was rewarded with a “buddy” lunch where we went to eat pizza in the sun. Great! In the second half of the week, I met with my account teams, had a whirlwind tour of the office, was introduced to my line manager, and rounded out with another pizza, this time to hear from new senior colleagues. I definitely knew I’d arrived at the right company!

Why do you love working at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

Working in healthcare, you quickly realise the serious nature of our Industry. On a daily basis, we engage with brands that have the potential to change people’s lives, but to truly deliver meaningful outcomes, you need energy, passion and drive. Those three words perfectly capture the team spirit at Reynolds-MacKenzie. It’s the people that make a company, and for me, it’s our people that inspire me to come into work each day. We have fun at finding solutions to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges – and it’s that sense of enjoyment that truly sets us apart. It’s infectious. And that’s why I love working at Reynolds-MacKenzie.

What are the key skills that help you successfully work as an SAD at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

As a Senior Account Director, my role focusses on strategic oversight rather than the tactical execution of projects. For this, wider understanding of the healthcare and competitor landscape has become an important skill. We’re living at a time where there is a growing and ageing population, medical breakthroughs are happening at a rate not seen before, and regulatory bodies are under financial pressure. Patients are more informed than ever and digital is changing the physician/patient interface. I have learnt that it’s more important than ever to take a step back on projects and question “what’s the insight?”, “why are we doing this now?”, “are we using the right channels?”. That being said, my passion has always been in “the doing” – I enjoy rolling up my sleeves to get actions done, from materials development to hitting the phones to get a media story over the line. I strongly believe in a flat team structure; being approachable, giving regular feedback and keeping spirits high are all important to me in driving delivery.

Tell us more about Reynolds-MacKenzie’s culture and social side…?

Reynolds-MacKenzie has a fantastic social offering. Inside the office walls, there is a range of learning opportunities at all levels from people management, to pitching for the win and creative writing courses. What’s more, we have monthly recognise and rewards schemes, on the spot bonuses and flexible working to drive performance and more importantly, employee happiness. Outside of the office, we have summer socials, Christmas parties, and Halloween fright fests – and what’s a get together without an activity? We’ve enjoyed table tennis, a boat on the Thames, mini golf, and views from the London eye to name but a few in recent years.

Outside of Reynolds-MacKenzie, what is your favourite thing to do?

Sport has always been a big part of my life and outside of Reynolds-MacKenzie I enjoy football. I play for a five-a-side team in a midweek league, and I’m always keen for a more casual kick-around in the park at the weekends. I’m an Arsenal fan, and luckily so living a stone’s throw away from Emirates Stadium home ground. Beyond football, tennis and golf are other sporting favourites!

What do you think is the most exciting opportunity for you in your future at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

There are two immediate opportunities that spring to mind when I think about my future at Reynolds-MacKenzie. The first, is the opportunity for closer working with our sister agencies. Open Health has a unique network of companies that already have a track record of individual success. But for me, the real value of our communications can be maximised through collaboration and the exchange of insights and knowledge to enhance our campaigns. I’m looking forward to working with Open Health colleagues to further drive this partnering approach and ensure Reynolds-MacKenzie is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions. Secondly, I’m excited to be embarking on a journey with Reynolds-MacKenzie with a greater focus on more diversified projects. We know our roots, and will always have a core skill set and heritage in media relations, but we have experience in much more from disease awareness, to corporate reputation, digital and social media and policy. The opportunity to play my part in our continued growth is stimulating for me.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining Reynolds-MacKenzie?

My advice – do it – but be sure to have an interesting fact to tell about yourself at the first company meeting!

With opportunities at all levels, this is your chance to join our close-knit team of passionate PR professionals. It’s a great place to work and a great place to grow.