United by our values

Our company values define how we think, feel, and act.

Our values were developed by our people

They not only define the expectations we have for working together, but also with clients. With the integrations of Peloton Advantage and Pharmerit, we have come together and aligned our many years of heritage and culture to create new values for OPEN Health, and each of them are equally critical to our success.

Our values

Open health UP value unite

We unite

We embrace and respect our different perspectives and strengths.

We nurture an open, caring, collaborative community.

We support, encourage, and empower the team and the individual.

Open health UP value excite

We excite

We love what we do, because it really matters.

We inspire our clients and one another with our passion and proficiency.

We do things the right way, with pride and integrity.

Open health UP value ignite

We ignite

We drive innovation through curiosity and resourcefulness.

We constantly endeavor to find opportunities to excel.

We learn from experience and strive for brilliance in everything we do.

Shared values are rewarding

Sharing the same kind of beliefs and values as the people around you promotes inclusiveness. By educating and advocating our team, we have created a community of acceptance where you can be your true self.

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Join our team

Our company values are just one reason to work at OPEN Health. Take a look at some of the other reasons to join the OPEN Health family.

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