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A patient-first commitment in Rare Disease

We have broad expertise in bringing therapies to the patients who need them.

An outcome-led commitment in RARE

OPEN Health is highly invested in the delivery of positive outcomes in rare disease. Having worked with many clients within the area of orphan and ultra-orphan medicine, we have the experience to recognize that every scenario is unique. With our extensive experience across practices, we are able to craft bespoke, cohesive solutions to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients and the rare disease patients they serve.

Rare Disease thoughts & outcomes

Improving life transitions in people living with rare

Innovative medicines and better supportive care mean that more patients are living longer with rare disease. Although, with it comes new challenges for these patients in transitioning through life. Patients may be left isolated, leading them to disengage with health systems and not adhere to treatment. This creates a gap in the understanding of the long-term benefit and value of new innovations, resulting in delayed or limited access.

Pharma can play a key role in supporting better understanding and implementation of transition support by employing a multidisciplinary approach to solving some of the key challenges.

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