Day in the Life of a Managing Director US

Written on Monday 31st July 2023

We spoke to John Carter, Managing Director US, to learn about his role.

Tell us a bit about your current role.

I am the Managing Director of the US HEOR and Market Access division and lead the Strategic Market Access group in the US. I think of this position in two contexts: the science side and the business side of research consulting. My job is to make sure both run smoothly and that one does not compromise the other. The primary responsibilities are overseeing the management and operations across the four centers of excellence in the US, including approximately 50 research staff. This involves tracking profit, loss, and revenues; managing staffing; and providing oversight for finance-related and research matters. I also lead the US Strategic Market Access team, which includes overseeing projects, proposals, staff, and client relationships.

What aspect of your day or role do you most enjoy?

People and processes are the two key aspects of my job. I really enjoy meeting with teams, discussing challenges and opportunities, and helping to build an environment in which people can feel fulfilled and do their best work. The best part of my day is working with enormously talented people.

Organizational and scientific processes are also really important. These are all about finding ways to make sure our research staff can do their best work, expand our business and capabilities, and keep clients happy. Everything we do is grounded in science, which helps us manage complex client objectives and find meaningful solutions.

How would you describe the culture at OPEN Health?

The culture at OPEN Health is deeply rooted in the scientific process and a genuine love for science. As a research consulting firm, we operate in a demanding industry where navigating complex challenges requires a strong scientific foundation and the collaboration of experienced, passionate colleagues. Our team relies on their scientific instincts, rigorous training, and the collective expertise of their peers to tackle really tough challenges. This emphasis on science and people forms the core of our culture.

What training and development opportunities are available to help you excel in your role at OPEN Health?

At OPEN Health, every employee is provided with valuable opportunities to participate in technical, management, and consulting training both internally and externally. These trainings play a critical role in ensuring that we do not become too narrowly focused on just project work and that we maintain a broader perspective.

One of the important things at OPEN Health is that every person is assigned a mentor, and this mentor–mentee relationship has played a crucial role in my growth and professional development within the organization.

What have you learned in your past year in your position?

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that our people are the engine of this business. Process, structure, finances, etc. are important, but ultimately, the quality of our people dictates our success.

What are some of your reflections from your time at OPEN Health so far?

I started with the group in 2009 and have seen it completely evolve over that time into a leading scientific consultancy with expansive capabilities. This evolution could have come at the expense of our people, but we have maintained a strong culture of people and science-centeredness.


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