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Reasons to join OPEN Health

OPEN Health has grown from 4 people to over 500 people in 6 locations worldwide, but our ambitions reach even further. We know that if we employ great people, do great work, and look after our staff and clients, we’ll be even more successful.

And naturally we’re an equal opportunities employer. We’re only interested in what you can do – if you’ve got the ideas, the spark, the drive or the know-how, we want to hear from you


We're a family

A massive family, granted, but a family nonetheless. Always on hand to help out, offer expertise, get social or share successes.


Create your own career path

Because we’re a family of practices and support teams, we have a fluid structure that allows you to find your groove and really shine.


We believe in letting you blossom

That’s why we have a training programme called Bloom, covering all sides of working life to help you build skills and knowledge. And if we don’t offer training in the field you want, we can research, source and supply courses to share with your colleagues.


People-centred policies

We invest in our staff personally and professionally, with a range of benefits including a competitive pension scheme, medical insurance, an employee 24hr helpline, private health screening and more.


We know how to celebrate

Socials, parties, lunches, nights out, nights in and treats are a regular fixture at OPEN Health. Because rewarding staff makes us happy, and a happy, friendly, connected team works more effectively. Win-win.


We make each other better

We’ve got a lot of extremely talented, highly qualified and devastatingly clever people working at OPEN Health. What could you learn? And what could you teach us? Bring that big beautiful brain of yours to OPEN Health and see where it takes you.


Nice offices

Wherever you go within OPEN Health, you'll always find a warm welcome in our offices. Stocked with tea, coffee, bread, fruit and treats, you can always have a healthy start to your day and feel right at home.


Happy birthday!

We all get an extra day of holiday a year for our birthdays - an initiative that’s gone down very well with current employees for some reason.


We talk

We’re always encouraging staff to get to know each other and to talk in the office - whether it’s #bants (sorry) or an in-depth discussion of emerging trends in CAR-T therapies. Communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving is at the heart of how we work.

Despite our size and global reach, everyone is able to talk to anyone in the organisation; our leaders are hands-on in the business and accessible to anyone, at any level.


We care

We want to make a positive impact on the world around us. That’s why as a company we support a number of charities — international, national and local — and aim to make socially and environmentally aware decisions. And everyone who works here is encouraged to get involved in causes close to their hearts too.

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