#MedComms Day: Extraordinary journeys, breakthrough projects, and impactful insights

Written on Wednesday 14th June 2023

Welcome to a special edition newsletter, celebrating the contributions of five distinguished OPEN Health experts in the field of medical communications. As the world comes together to recognize the invaluable role of medical communicators, we seize this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals who drive innovation, knowledge dissemination, and patient-centric communication strategies.

Delve into the extraordinary journeys of our featured experts, unveiling their breakthrough projects, insights, and the impact they have made in the field.

Lela Creutz modified

Lela Creutz shares her journey into the industry and the key ingredients for a successful career in medical communications

Julia painter modified

Julia Painter shares about her passion for making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives, some impactful projects, and her tactical approach to implementing client strategies

Eleanor bush modified

Eleanor Bush discusses the unique nature of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) writing and the evolving landscape it addresses

Paris Hatton modified

Paris Hatton provides strategies for effectively communicating complex concepts and gives valuable advice for individuals aspiring to become scientific directors

Gerard D Angelo modified

Gerard D'Angelo explains his motivations for pursuing a career in medical communications and his passion for developing impactful campaigns