Increasing Awareness of HIV and Testing

Written on Friday 16th June 2023

In the past, some people have incorrectly assumed that HIV is a disease that only affects gay men. This is not the case, in 2019 of the 34,800 estimated new HIV infections in the United States, 22% were from people who reported heterosexual contact1. While in the United Kingdom, nearly half of all new HIV diagnoses were in heterosexuals (49%) in England in 2020, compared to 45% in gay and bisexual men2.

Here we provided information on different topics around HIV and HIV testing which you can use to help increase your own awareness of these issues. 

Click on the image to learn more about HIV and HIV testing.

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. https://www.cdc.govhiv/statistics/overview/in-us/incidence (accessed February 2023)
2. Terrence Higgins Trust. (accessed February 2023)


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