3 things I learnt moving from Brand Communications to Brand Management

Written by Georgina Harrison on Monday 12th March 2018

Georgina Harrison reflects on her new role as a Brand Manager at Accretio (an OPEN Health company), following her success at Accretio's OPEN Health sister company, the full service healthcare creative agency LEC.

1. Brand Communications is all about relationships – relationships with your client and the clients’ relationship with their brand audience.

The fast-paced world of Brand Communications provides account handlers the opportunity to flex their customer service and creative muscles, quickly transforming them into gurus of organisation and people management.

Client relationships are key, with the focus on making your clients’ brands memorable, impactful and relevant in a world of stiff competition. From the first creative huddle to the delivery of outstanding assets that truly speak to the audience, providing your client with a knock out campaign that addresses their brand’s needs is a great buzz.

2. Brand Management is all about balance – balancing insight and inputs from all areas of the business to make decisions about how to drive brand growth.

In Brand Management the focus shifts to your brand’s needs. How are you going to make this medicine a commercial success and readily available to those patients who need it the most?

Research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, planning, people management and finance combine on a daily basis. The holistic nature of brand management means you have to learn quickly and think on your feet – digesting feedback live and adapting your strategy to ensure you deliver on your brand objectives with a measurable return on investment.

There’s always more to be done, something else you could consider and another avenue you could explore – part of the challenge of Brand Management is remaining focused on those key activities that are going to contribute to your brand’s success, and ensuring they are delivered excellently.

The satisfaction comes when you see the fruits of your labour: brand growth; halting brand decline; increasing brand awareness, and knowing it’s a result of the decisions that you made and the tactics that you executed.

3Results are everything!

Whether you’re in Brand Communications or Brand Management delivering success is always the goal, and knowing your brand is achieving the objectives you defined is a great feeling whatever role you played.

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