The importance of multidisciplinary collaboration for omnichannel customer engagement

Written by Technology Solutions Team on Wednesday 6th July 2022

“One set of eyes can only see so far…”

The importance of multidisciplinary collaboration for omnichannel customer engagement

A key theme throughout the Pharma Multi-Channel Excellence Conference 2022, held in London, UK, was the importance of collaboration between multidisciplinary stakeholders in the development of a successful omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

Regardless of the number of traditional and digital channels that make up the customer ecosystem, the fundamentals remain the same: we must provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) with the content they need, in a desired format they want, via channels that best align with their information-seeking habits. The way to achieve this starts and ends with insight and data dissemination, which is more effective when collated from multiple experts and sources.

For example, involving Field Force Medical Directors earlier in the project lifecycle can not only ensure that new materials are in circulation and regularly used by sales representative, but can bring their unique perspective and expertise to support the development of the content being consumed by HCPs, given their access and connection to doctors. Or, the Medical, Legal, and Review teams also have access to gold standard franchise content that can be refreshed and repurposed for today’s initiatives. Collaboration between departments isn’t a new concept, however, the duties of each stakeholder must evolve to ensure omnichannel marketing can be implemented. 

Speakers from both industry and agencies alike have all agreed that there are areas for improvement in our approach to collaboration, recognizing that when done effectively – such as in an iterative process – content is more likely to resonate with HCPs in the right place and at the right time.

Where else can we improve our collaboration?

  • Marketing and sales teams – the rep delivers the highest opt-in rate from HCPs; the rep is evidently here to stay. By engaging sales teams in campaign planning, they can not only provide insights from the field, but also ensure the materials resonate with the reps themselves
  • Pharma, HCPs, and patients – prototyping is one of the most effective techniques to gather feedback from the end user. It allows team members to change direction and replicate designs quickly, without increasing timelines or budgets

How can stakeholder collaboration improve the performance of channels and content?

Here, we’ve combined these collaboration principles with best practice techniques for an email marketing campaign to demonstrate how teams can easily contribute to omnichannel engagement.

Infographic min


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