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Our key to Brand success?

Don’t start with the Brand!

Always start with the need

A very common (and understandable) marketing mistake is to begin with the Brand. After all, the success of the Brand is important, and we often have a lot to shout about.

But what if no one is interested in what we have to say?

We always begin by observing the context – what is the competitive environment and what are the unmet needs of our audiences?

Only once we know this do we turn our attention to the Brand and how it can deliver, uniquely or best against these needs.

Get that right and the possibilities for success are endless!

Cross-functional collaboration is vital

We believe that commercial strategy should always be built on a foundation of sound medical/scientific strategy. This doesn’t just mean having the evidence to back up our claims. It means that everything is aligned. The medical education, disease awareness and market shaping that precede our campaigns form a springboard for commercial success.

Which is why we do everything we can to facilitate cross-functional collaboration.

Starting with the science also informs our approach to data-driven creativity, which leads to brave campaigns that resonate and perform…

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