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When you get the content and the framework right, you don’t need to shout…

The ‘brilliant basics’ of omnichannel

Because omnichannel can get very complex, very quickly, we recommend starting with the brilliant basics and building out from there.

So how can we get our wonderful content to our audiences in the right channels, in the right format at the right time? And how MUCH time can we feasibly ask from our time-starved healthcare professionals to get them to listen to our new data/brand message?

The answer is simple – we use an attention-based approach…

Campaign development DDD

We begin by grabbing attention, by serving up content that will appeal to their needs. They might even already be looking for it!

We can then Drive them to a central hub where (now that they are interested and invested) they can take a bit more time to Discover more.

Once there, they are exposed to a wide array of deep Dive content, that they can explore at their leisure, to really get under the skin of the issue and form a rounded opinion and shape behavior.

Arranging our content in this way not only drives consistent, effective communication. It also provides a simple, followable framework for journey planning and measurement.

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