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We believe in patient-centricity

Through decades of helping bring innovative therapies to market, we understand the patient’s perspective and how to develop patient-centric studies.

We have the unique ability to bring together experts in patient centered outcomes and engagement to solve complex challenges

Our technical and strategic capabilities can support your team in developing patient-reported outcomes instruments and clinical outcomes assessments, as well as in assisting in trial selection and creating patient-support programs. This allows us to be your strategic partner through the entire product lifecycle from pre-clinical to post-approval – from scientific to commercial.

Pre-Clinical Development

Understand the condition

  • Develop a strategy for patient engagement and PRO measurement throughout the drug development process
  • Characterize burden of illness and unmet need
Phase 1/2 Clinical

Optimize study design

  • Identify measures and if not fit for purpose, begin developing evidence
  • Optimize trial design to capture endpoints that matter to patients
Phase 3 Clinical

Measure holistically

  • Constant assessment of design to ensure right data collected right way at the right time
  • Determine patient benefit / risk trade off in treatment valuation

Demonstrate Value

  • Patient advocacy group partnerships
  • Analyze utilities for economic modeling
  • Strategic support PRO / COA experts
  • Consider secondary analysis of trial data
Commercialization / Real-World

Improve access and uptake

  • Primary data collection studies
  • Preference studies vs. other treatments
  • Partnerships with advocacy groups
  • Qualitative assessments and social listening to inform design of patient assistance and patient support programs

Dynamic partnership with patients and their advocates throughout the entire process

What we do

PRO/COA Psychometrics, Data Analytics, & Strategy

Working to optimize COA measurement within clinical trial settings

  • Strategy: Endpoint & Regulatory advising
  • Endpoint Development: Core Psychometrics (modern and classical methods)
  • Optimizing Efficacy: Trial Diagnostics and Trial Rescue
    • Subject and Site effects: Influence diagnostics
    • Errors in Randomization: Adjusting for Post-Randomization Imbalance
    • Unobserved heterogeneity: Latent Class Models
  • Biostatistics Applications
    • Linear/Generalized linear (mixed) models
    • Survival models
  • Missing Data Solutions: Joint Model & Pattern-Mixture

Qualitative Research

Capturing the patient’s voice to inform development of new instruments and understand the patient experience

  • COA Development/Content Validation: Concept Elicitation, Item Generation, Cognitive Interviews
  • Regulatory (FDA) Communications Support: focused on Content Validity of COAs and COA Qualification
  • Exploratory qualitative studies: To characterize treatment experiences
  • Patient Journey studies
  • In-trial and Exit Interview studies
  • Patient-Public Involvement (PPI) studies
  • Qualitative research as part of wider mixed methods studies
  • Literature reviews with qualitative analysis component
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Preferences & Utilities

Capturing health-related quality of life and the value interventions bring in a quantitative manner

  • Discrete Choice Experiments: Benefit-risk assessment, utility assessment, willingness to pay, regulatory or payer decision-making frameworks
  • Utilities: utility elicitation using existing instruments (e.g., EQ-5D) and direct elicitation methods such as time-trade-off, utility mapping, strategy development and generation of utilities for use in cost-utility modeling
  • Personalized Utility Function: efficient and compositional preference elicitation, allowing to define a value function on the individual level
  • Q-TWiST analysis: Quality-adjusted Time Without Symptoms of disease and Toxicity
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Decision Sciences

Quantifying the processes used to synthesize data for healthcare decisions

  • Quantitative Benefit Risk Assessment (qBRA) using
  • Multi Criteria Decision Analyses (MCDA)
  • Shared Decision Making (SDM)
  • Delphi panels
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Real-World Patient-Centered Studies

Understanding patient outcomes in a real-world setting to support market access and improve uptake

  • Quantitative surveys (patient, caregiver, HCP)
  • Mixed methods studies
  • PRO/HEOR strategy
  • PRO/HEOR Trial Analyses
  • Landscape Assessments and trial endpoint reviews

Latest authored publications

Our researchers publish numerous peer-reviewed articles and poster presentations each year across a variety of noteworthy journals and conferences. Take a look at our latest publications or search through historical publications by journal, date, or therapeutic area.

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Forming the best end-to-end global patient-focused consultancy – together

Active patient collaboration supports our clients through all areas of research.

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Real-world evidence & data analytics

  • Incorporate custom or validated instruments to understand real-world outcomes
  • Qualitative research to characterize patient experience

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Market access strategy

  • Patient journey provides context in dossiers
  • Patient perspective / participation in drug development and approval process increasingly valued and required by regulatory bodies worldwide

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Health economic modeling & meta-analysis

  • Patient journey can help to inform core health states
  • Preference research leading to utilities for key health states

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Striving to become more patient-centric?

Let’s explore together

We will demonstrate how patient-centricity can be integrated into all phases of development and commercialization and provide examples of how to achieve patient buy-in and ensure the patient voice is represented in your study outcomes.

Digital tools can enrich the patient journey

Our experts have the experience needed to guide you to the right digital tool that can be used to enhance data collection.

Bespoke patient emotional journey research

Virtual ad boards, webinars and symposia

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Data collection tools

Simple digital platforms for data collection and immediate analysis

Why us?

Our scientific and patient engagement experts are actively involved in the patient-centered outcomes research field. We have the experience needed to guide you to solutions that incorporate the patient’s voice.


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