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Studies to generate real-world evidence

Our team leverages data from diverse sources to answer questions about disease epidemiology, burden, treatment patterns, comparative effectiveness and costs.

Leaders in real-world evidence generation and analytics

Leading the market for over 20 years, our RWE team holds an unrivaled position in the field. We have expertise in generating new data via a variety of methodologies and also in the analytics of data from multiple data sources. We have a number of internal data sources and also external data partners, globally.

We are a team of experts, working alongside our clients, to offer flexible solutions across the healthcare sector.


RWE/DA projects


Electronic health record analyses


Chart reviews

A complete real-world data solution

We offer a complete real-world evidence solution, starting with a strong consultancy platform to support our clients to define potential data gaps and the most optimal solutions for RWE generation.

We can offer primary data studies, both retrospective or prospective, gathering new data specifically to meet the client’s need, or if data already exists, we have the team and expertise to design and execute secondary data studies using data sources from all over the world. We also provide data insights and solutions.Critical to our offering is our ability to work seamlessly across methodologies and disciplines, and we are delighted to be able to offer and excel at mixed method studies – offering the maximum value to our clients.

real world evidence & data analytics

RWE consultancy

  • RWE gap analysis consultancy and workshops
  • RWE plan development
  • Existing database scoping exercises / feasibility studies
  • Delphi panels
  • Advisory boards and focus groups
  • Structured expert elicitation
  • Systematic and targeted literature reviews

Primary data studies

  • Chart reviews & prospective research
  • Interviews & focus groups
  • Surveys

Secondary data evidence and insights

  • AXON 360 – RWE analytics platform and cohort analyzer
  • Multiple data sets including claims data and EHR
  • Registries and bespoke research data sets
  • Studies including epidemiological, healthcare resource use

Advanced analytics tools and solutions

  • Implementation solutions
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Rare disease patient finding
  • Machine learning and predictive risk modeling

Mixed-methods studies

  • Validated PRO measures combined with qualitative interviews to understand the impact of a new treatment
  • Clinical data combined with validated PRO measures and wearable data to understand the patient burden of a particular disease
  • Chart review combined with linked population data to select difficult-to-identify patient groups and show burden across the whole pathway of care

Secondary data research to support real-world evidence

Understanding the magnitude and variety of existing data sets can be challenging, and time to data access can be critical. We have over 20 years’ experience in identifying, accessing, processing and partnering with secondary data sources for research, insights, modeling and payer engagement.

If evidence and insights can be extracted from existing data, we have the team and expertise to design and execute secondary data studies using over 60 global data sources, including:

  • Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)
  • Hospital Episode Statistics* (HES)
  • IBM® MarketScan®
  • SEER-Medicare

The evidence we generate is complemented by our Global Data Lab, a highly skilled team of epidemiologists, statisticians, data scientists and technologists who provide insights and develop bespoke solutions.

Partners in the European Health Data Evidence Network (EDHEN)

Information governance

Harvey Walsh which is a division of OPEN Health hold and process HES data under licence from NHS Digital and hold the following accreditations which are independently audited annually:

  • ISO27001
  • NHS DSP Toolkit
  • Cyber Security Essentials

All our data processing and outputs are governed by these principles, in line with the Harvey Walsh privacy statement.

Digital tools to enrich RWE projects

Our experts have the experience needed to guide you to the right digital tool that can be used to enhance your study.

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Presentation aids

Interactive web pages, PDFs, Veeva tools or iPad apps to support market access conversations

Data visualisation tools

Online tools to investigate from literature reviews, claims or chart reviews

Data collection tools

Simple digital platforms for data collection and immediate analysis

Latest authored publications

Our researchers publish numerous peer-reviewed articles and poster presentations each year across a variety of noteworthy journals and conferences. Take a look at our latest publications or search through historical publications by journal, date, or therapeutic area.

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