Omnichannel Marketing: Using AI to Personalize Messaging for Optimal Results

Written on Thursday 10th March 2022

AI data mining can boost the success of pharmaceutical marketing campaigns and open new channels between pharma companies and the HCPs they need to reach. This is the world of omnichannel marketing, which seamlessly integrates message content across all possible touchpoints in a consumer’s journey. This new marketing approach allows pharmaceutical companies to connect with HCPs wherever they are, with highly relevant messaging that relates specifically to the task at hand.

Omnichannel marketing is the next step beyond today’s typical multichannel marketing model, which simply promotes standardized content across all known channels at once. For example, advertising for a new medication would appear in a variety of different places targeting doctors in a particular specialty, such as social media sites and medical publications. But an AI-powered omnichannel approach would direct messaging to specific individuals, using available data to determine what a recipient needs to know at any given time in the process.

Unlike traditional multichannel marketing strategies that focus on a single main message and call to action, an omnichannel approach to pharmaceutical marketing can deliver different versions of this main message, targeted to different situations and changing needs. In this way, the most useful and relevant messaging reaches recipients across all available channels at once, so that messaging about a new drug could also include follow-up content on related research or information directly related to an individual doctor’s current practice.

With a personalized approach that connects directly with HCPs at the most relevant points, pharmaceutical organizations can become marketers who are working to raise awareness about new products and partners supporting HCPs in the course of their work.

Omnichannel marketing is already revolutionizing the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs, and an AI-powered approach is the next step strengthening this relationship.

This article was first published in November 2021 as part of the FierceBiotech whitepaper titled “How AI is Changing the Health Communications Landscape”.

If you’d like to learn more about applying omnichannel approaches in medical affairs, watch our webinar titled “Omnichannel in Medical Affairs – Applying the Concepts of Omnichannel to Personalized Healthcare Communications in Medical Affairs”.


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