The value of treatment for infertility: A systematic literature review of willingness-to-pay thresholds and approaches for determining the cost effectiveness of fertility therapies


Willingness to pay (WTP) for an infertility treatment is the maximum amount of money a patient is willing to pay per treatment, or to achieve a live birth or pregnancy. Such thresholds are important to determine the cost effectiveness of a treatment. A systematic review was conducted to identify and explore the studies that attempt to ascertain WTP for infertility and compare them with the cost-effectiveness studies that claimed to use WTP thresholds. For comparison, all the costs were converted and inflated to 2021 euros. The results demonstrated that there were no standard outcomes or WTP thresholds for an outcome/treatment, and the methodologies used vary. Cost-effectiveness studies either used the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio to imply a WTP threshold, or used thresholds that were previously accepted for a quality-adjusted life year outcome converted, inappropriately, to an infertility outcome. There is a need for further research by health economists to develop a consensus for the meaningful assessment of WTP for ART.

Authors E Fenwick, A Eze, T D'Hooghe, S Pandey, V S Chaudhari, A Ostawal, J Luyten, G Harty
Journal Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecolog
Therapeutic Areas Women's Health
Centers of Excellence Strategic Market Access
Year 2023
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