Meet Eleanor Bush, an OPEN Health Scientific Trailblazer

Written on Monday 29th April 2024

Eleanor Bush is an HEOR writer with an editor’s eye for detail and a flair for language. She crafts engaging content in medical communications, with experience in a diverse range of therapeutic areas for target audiences including payers, healthcare providers, and patients. Across abstracts, posters, manuscripts, dossiers, and presentations, Eleanor takes pride in her ability to convey complex clinical and real-world data with clarity and precision, acutely attuned to its intended audience and regulatory guidelines, without losing a sense of dynamism and verve.

With a background in medical anthropology, she has honed a comprehensive facility with literature review, strong skills in ethnographic and qualitative healthcare research, and a firm commitment to understanding and improving the relationship between science, care, and life.

Eleanor will be presenting at the upcoming ISMPP meeting in Washington, DC:

Roundtable session: Science Friction: Using Conflict to Enrich Stories in HEOR Publications
Date: April 29, 2024
3:30 – 4:15 PM

As OPEN Health’s Principal HEOR Writer, she takes pride in investing in her projects, as they are vital to patient care.

“Strong storytelling is part of my obligation to patients; I take pride in the critical importance of the science we are communicating to be sure it is perceived and not forgotten,” she says.  

Outside of work, Eleanor enjoys creative writing and spending time with her family. She is adjusting to a big change as she recently moved back to the UK after a long stint in Chicago.

Eleanor’s passion for HEOR writing and her global perspective make her a Scientific Trailblazer at OPEN Health.


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