Unlocking the Potential of a Medical Affairs Budget

Written on Friday 26th January 2024

A webinar featuring expert speakers focusing on how to unlock the potential of a Medical Affairs budget, including how to prioritize and how to create once, but publish many’ to maximize the impact of engagements. 

This webinar aims to discuss and address the following questions: 

  1.  When creating strategic and tactical plans – what are the most effective ways to prioritise planned Medical Affairs activities versus a limited and scrutinised budget 
  2.  What are the most important measures of value for initiatives and activities in the Medical Affairs space – how can one best gauge and communicate the likely value of planned activities 
  3.  When delivering Medical Affairs initiatives and activities what are the industry best practices / innovations that allow maximum value and impact for the most cost-effective budget 


  • Alice Carter, Associate Vice President, Client Services, OPEN Health
  • Caroline Marlborough, Senior Vice President, Strategic Client Partnerships, OPEN Health
  • Alessandra Oortwijn, Global Team Lead for Immunology & Medical Services, Galapagos
  • Clémentine Geffroy, Content and Education Director, Rare Disease, Pfizer

Watch a sneak peak of the webinar below or view the full recoding using the button below.

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