Unlock Possibilities with OPEN Health after ISPOR US 2022

Written on Tuesday 24th May 2022

Highlights from ISPOR US

It was great to be back in person to share examples of how we use our HEOR expertise to identify value strategies and generate insight that advances science.

We have put together an interactive journal with highlights from ISPOR. Inside we provide a peek into recent developments in the field, novel insights and study design considerations, and perspectives on where the industry is going.

In this issue:

  • Ben van Hout continues to ponder some of the oddities that may occur as we aim to analyze survival data, particularly in oncology (beware the negative PFS-OS correlation!)
  • Elisabeth Fenwick and Marjanne Piena describe novel approaches to plugging data gaps by linking pharmacometrics to pharmacoeconomic evaluation models (complete with webinar link)
  • Viktor Chirikov describes how machine learning and AI-powered large dataset analysis can be practically applied to generate targeted information for patients
  • Hannah Matthews provides insights into the multiple databases our team uses to address complex statistical questions
  • Sophie Tsai and Na Guo provide insights into the changing PRO regulatory environment in China, triangulating this with key guidance documents around the world (including an interactive timeline that I will be bookmarking for future reference!)
OPEN Health is committed to translating great science into cutting-edge implications. How do we do that? Through solid HEOR communications.
  • Sonya Snedecor highlights the importance of effective and strategic evidence communication to see the signal through the noise
  • Beth Lesher highlights our field’s unique need to have experts who are experienced in HEOR as well as having the writing training and strategic eye to communicate HEOR data to a wider audience