Celebrating OPEN Health’s Patient Centricity Year Book

Written by Gavin Jones on Thursday 23rd February 2023

OPEN Health recognizes the importance of putting the patient first when partnering with our clients to deliver better outcomes for all, and we are proud of our broad range of capabilities that helps enable patient-first approaches. Our understanding of applying patient-centric thinking is an important foundation of our approach. Building on this foundation, we have extensive patient engagement expertise that allows us to apply bespoke methodologies to fully understand the moments that matter most to patients and how patients can best be educated and supported. This builds trust from patient communities and strengthens our partnerships with them.

While we take pride in our experience and capabilities, we do not believe this is sufficient to be a true patient-centric leader in healthcare. We dedicate significant resources in a variety of ways:

  • Moving the conversation forward with in-depth thought leadership
  • Leading sessions and participating in patient centricity congresses
  • Investing in numerous pro bono activities with patient charities

We are celebrating the team’s efforts in 2022 by sharing highlights of our activities in our Patient Centricity Year Book. This provides a summary of our activities throughout the year, and you can deep dive into any you wish to explore further. We get so much value from undertaking these activities and are committed to even more initiatives in 2023, so stay tuned for these. In the meantime, if you believe we can help you deliver on your patient-first ambitions, please get in touch.

Click the image below for a closer look into our 2022 activities:


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