Unlock Possibilities with OPEN Health’s HEOR Communications Specialists

Written by Beth Lesher on Thursday 21st July 2022

The end is in sight. After spending many hours (and some sleepless nights) developing a protocol and SAP and poring over data, your database analysis is complete! But just when you thought you were done, you realize that you still need to share your results. And then panic sets in.

Where should we present the study? This meeting would be ideal but wait—the abstract submission deadline was 2 weeks ago! OK, let’s just do a manuscript. But where should that be published? Do we want open access? Fast-track review? Should we present and publish? What messages do we need to include? Is there a formal publication process to follow? Who’s “Medical,” and why are they reviewing our document? Do we really need to include efficacy and safety data? Hold on—there are guidelines for writing HEOR publications? “Check EQUATOR,” you say, but what does the equator have to do with publications?!

Suddenly, all the elation and sense of accomplishment you felt after completing your study crumbles as you realize there’s a new obstacle in your path: navigating the publication process. Instead of spending your next weeks and months on strategic planning and additional research initiatives, your days will be filled with journal selection, writing, creating graphics in the right format, manuscript submission, and reviewer comments.

It takes considerable time and effort to translate HEOR science into high-quality value communications. At OPEN Health, our dedicated, experienced communications experts can help you consistently and accurately communicate value while simultaneously incorporating relevant efficacy and safety data. These writing specialists are adept at communicating the nuances of HEOR studies. Let them help you disseminate your message efficiently and expertly with clear, consistent messaging geared toward the right audience and free up your time to focus on additional research.