Living Patient Centricity Through Our OPEN Approach

Written by Gavin Jones, Global Lead, Patient Centricity on Tuesday 18th April 2023

OPEN Health are committed to living their patient-first ambitions, including pro bono work with charities operating in the healthcare space. We thrive on these projects and truly value the experience, knowledge and compassion they provide our people.

We are proud long-term supporters of Spotlight YOPD, a patient group charity dedicated to raising awareness of young-onset Parkinson’s disease. In one initiative, members of our Omni team have been working with the charity to develop a data-driven creative campaign to deliver improved understanding of this rare syndrome and better awareness of the charity itself.

As part of this initiative, a pivotal member of the project team, George Allen, Associate Strategic Plannerhas written an article in the latest edition of the Rare Revolution Magazine describing the approach we followed to develop the campaign. We hope this step-by-step guide to our OPEN process helps other charities and clients consider, plan and deliver their own creative campaigns.

If you would like to understand more about our pro bono work or our OPEN process, please contact Gavin Jones or George Allen.