Recognising World Haemophilia Day

Written by Poppy Qualtrough & Sonja Rnic on Wednesday 17th April 2019

Poppy Qualtrough (Art Director) and Sonja Rnic (Senior Creative Writer) from the OPEN Health Patient & Brand  Communications practice present the further adventures of Ȧtte the Explorer – a comic strip series that aims to help children with haemophilia realise that they should never feel limited by their condition.

We first met Ȧtte last year, as a young child learning to cope with his condition. Ȧtte learned that by working closely with his parents and doctors, his haemophilia treatment could be managed. Ȧtte learned that, with haemophilia, utilising the available support is crucial.  

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But Ȧtte is no longer a kid. His parents and doctors still feel as passionately about taking care of him, but he’s had enough. He just wants to be a normal teen, an adult even, without the hassle of haemophilia, without the limitations.

Happy World Haemophilia Day from OPEN Health Patient & Brand Communications - we are with you every step of the way.

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