The Evolving Role of RWE to Support Your Medical Strategy

Written on Thursday 16th March 2023

This podcast was developed in partnership with the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).

The role of real-world evidence (RWE) in Medical Affairs has greatly evolved in the last few years. The clinical evidence regarding the potential benefits or risks of a therapy generated from data relating to patient health or the delivery of healthcare can add value at every stage of a product’s lifecycle. RWE can not only help support a product’s safe and appropriate use in a post-approval setting, but the data can also inform innovation, trial design, personalized medicine, regulatory filings and optimize decision-making for better patient outcomes. This session will cover the importance of early alignment of evidence generation plans and medical strategy and how to integrate RWE into your publication plan. Listen now!


Garth Sundem – Director of Communications and Marketing, Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)


Tracy Mayne – Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Miriam Tarallo – Director, Medical Outcomes and RWE, Pfizer

David Thompson – Chief Executive Officer, OPEN Health Evidence & Access


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