From Pixels to Patients: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Medical Storytelling

Written on Tuesday 14th May 2024

This podcast will explore AI in medical communications by reviewing developments and key takeaways from the AI roundtables at ISMPP EU and discussing the effects AI may have on publication practices.

Guest hosted by Victoria Hart, this episode features industry experts Kelly Soldavin and Jon Viney discussing the current landscape and future implications of AI in medical publications from a publisher and agency perspective. From enhancing accessibility and readability through plain language summaries to addressing concerns such as data security and accuracy, the conversation delves into the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into content development processes. The discussion also highlights the importance of evolving policies and guidelines to navigate the ethical and practical considerations of AI adoption in medical communications. Tune in to gain insights into how AI is shaping the future of medical publishing and communication.

View the transcript.


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