Meet Karen King, an OPEN Health Scientific Trailblazer

Written on Monday 13th May 2024

Karen King has been at the forefront of Medical Communications since its inception, with over 25 years of publication and Medical Affairs experience. 

Karen has focused her career on strategic communication/Medical Affairs planning, and publication planning particularly on complex portfolio offerings. Over her career, she recognized that many companies are not gaining cross-functional team alignment on how to communicate their data and is committed to help our clients develop a compelling product narrative with engaging innovative tactics that ensure they stand out from the crowd.  

Throughout her career Karen has focused on developing the next generation of Medical Communication experts. Karen has set up offices in new locations and developed a range of innovative training programs to provide new Associate Medical Writers the foundation they need to flourish and excel in their careers. As OPEN Health’s Executive Vice President of Medical Communications, she leads a large UK and US team of highly experienced experts who are strategic partners to our clients. 

Karen is passionate about patient engagement in Medical Affairs and was part of the MAPs patient centricity FAWG for 4 years and is a published author in this field. Karen has frequently shared her expertise about trends in Medical Affairs at MAPs and is passionate about collaboration between stakeholders to drive the industry forward, having recently presented at ISMPP on this topic. At this year’s MAPS EMEA conference, she is presenting a workshop titled Realising the Vision: Implementing Omnichannel in Your Medical Affairs Communication Plans to Deliver Patient Impact  
12 May, 2024 
12:15-1:45 PM (CEST​) 

Karen’s years of dedication to the industry and her leading role in shaping Medical Communications make her a Scientific Trailblazer at OPEN Health. 


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