OPEN VIE: one brand fit for the future

Written by Sam Oliver on Tuesday 12th March 2019

Sam Oliver, Joint Managing Director, OPEN VIE, takes 10 minutes out to discuss the recent re-branding of OPEN Health.

1. Why have OPEN Access Consulting, Harvey Walsh and pH Associates re-branded as OPEN VIE (Value, Informatics & Evidence)?

Our clients need to show the value of their medicines; value which is being underpinned by robust evidence. OPEN Access Consulting, Harvey Walsh and pH Associates are re-branding as OPEN VIE to offer our clients one seamless solution to fulfil this need: OPEN Access Consulting (formed in 2014) delivers market access and value solutions to our clients; Harvey Walsh (formed in 2003) delivers cutting edge informatics solutions; and pH Associates (formed in 1999) delivers robust real world evidence solutions.

2. What has happened to pH Associates, OPEN Access Consulting & Harvey Walsh?

Many clients know our companies because of our strong individual heritage. Therefore it’s important for us that our services will continue to be delivered the way they’ve always been delivered, by the people they’ve always been delivered by; the existing brands will still exist but as one joined-up practice under a new name, OPEN VIE. The benefit will be that the new offering has a more synergistic approach between the teams with an integrated feeling for our clients and the potential to offer more solutions that cut across the businesses.

3. What are the core services that OPEN VIE now offers?

Within the value area we provide a full-service market access offering at a UK-domestic and global level. We offer global value dossiers, objection handlers, pricing and reimbursement research, HTA submissions, and health economic models.

Our informatics team deliver a whole host of solutions utilising data sets such as Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data. We are proud that our services range from AXON 360, the market leading health informatics platform for existing real world data, through to specialised consultancy and bespoke analytics projects, which help clients understand the value of their medicines and support the communication of this value to regulators and payors.

We also have an in-house team of data analysts and developers who are able to build dashboards and bespoke tools around the data we hold, helping people to make better decisions about how healthcare is delivered and improving outcomes for patients.

The evidence team deliver robust real world evidence generation projects using a multitude of methodologies including retrospective chart reviews, registries, prospective PRO studies, time and motion studies and post authorisation safety studies (PASS) across a wide range of geographies.

Together in the informatics and evidence teams we have a whole series of methodologies at our fingertips allowing us to generate really robust evidence for our clients.

4. What benefits does this bring to your clients?

We see the major benefit to our clients as the seamless integration between our three offerings. We are now able to offer our clients a one-stop shop; to have one point of contact for them to be able to communicate with across the offerings and subsequently we think it will give our clients a wider selection of high quality offerings.

5. What benefits does that bring to your people?

Firstly, our people will be able to broaden their experience and skills by working with colleagues with different expertise, with different clients and on different drugs. Secondly, there is now more opportunity for career development; we’re starting to create more management positions and more infrastructure to support our teams. It’s a really exciting time and it gives us the opportunity to grow more and of course to recruit more people with different expertise into our team.

6. What else does the future hold?

Value, informatics and evidence is a “booming” area of the healthcare industry and we’re excited to be key players in this space. We are very interested in predictive analytics, increasing the breadth of data sets we have access to, utilisation of cutting edge technological advances, and are keen to grow our evidence and access businesses on a global scale by continuing to deliver the quality of projects our clients expect form us.

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