Unlock possibilities: A Medical Affairs strategy fit for the future

Written on Tuesday 9th January 2024

Sitting at the intersection of medicine, science, and business, Medical Affairs teams have been hailed as “the powerhouses of scientific expertise in a pharmaceutical organization” for their skill in communicating medical information.As such, Medical Affairs professionals are uniquely positioned to take a key strategic leadership role in crafting an aligned strategy that is “fit for the future” working alongside Research and Development, Commercial, and Market Access.

In this whitepaper, OPEN Health’s Medical Affairs strategic leaders share thoughts on how to gather and distill meaningful insights into a “future-fit” strategy, one that is far-seeing but responsive in real time to changes in the landscape. Such a strategy should include the following elements, they argue:

  1. Gathering cross-functional input
  2. Integrated evidence generation planning
  3. Adopting patient centricity
  4. Driving omnichannel engagement
  5. Embedding sustainability

Digital solutions are highlighted in the whitepaper, as are considerations regarding the legal and compliance regulations governing Medical Affairs teams.

1. Ghosh R et al. Preparing for the Next Normal: Transformation in the Role of Medical Affairs Following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pharmaceutical Medicine. 2021;35:197–202.