Watch again: OPEN Health Evidence & Access Virtual Summit – Part 2

Written on Tuesday 8th June 2021

This two day event brought together the global community to discuss worldwide trends influencing patient access to safe and effective therapies. This month we focus specifically on value demonstration and communication through innovative economic modeling and digital tools for data visualization!

Topics included:

  • Extrapolating from the short to long-term using models
  • Creating customized modeling solutions
  • Using microsimulation to demonstrate value
  • Improving the diagnosis of rare diseases via data tools
  • Optimizing data visualization to communicate study results
  • Leveraging interactive analytics to better understand data

Which Way Ought I To Go From Here? Extrapolation from Limited Trial Data to Satisfy HTA

Not Every Problem is a Nail. Bespoke Modeling Solutions for Individual Situations

Value from the Patient’s Level: Microsimulation Modeling for a Rare Eye Disease

Generating Data Led Diagnosis Accelerators in Rare Disease

The Value of Effective Evidence Communication

Engaging Your Audience With Informative Digital Presentations