A day in the life of Becca McConnell a Senior Account Executive

Written by Liam O'Hara on Monday 5th October 2020

We asked Becca McConnell to give us an insight into her role as Senior Account Executive at OPEN Health.

Please summarise your role and responsibilities.

As a Senior Account Executive, my role is to help the Account Manager and Account Director deliver projects day-to-day and liaise with the client; this means I do a whole range of things, from updating clients on the status of projects and liaising with the internal studio, editorial and digital teams, to co-ordinating the OPEN Health client team and day-to-day project delivery.

Please briefly describe a typical working day.

A typical working day starts with reading through my emails and making a to-do list, and from there I prioritise my tasks for the day. Often my to-do list can seem a little overwhelming, so I like to start by ticking off some of the ‘quick wins’. In our busy periods, we often have a quick team check-in, over Slack or Teams, for each account to make sure everyone is aligned on what needs to be done that day. The rest of my day is filled with the day-to-day delivery of projects, which can be anything from setting up a webinar platform, to updating a website or uploading materials for review.

What aspect of your day/role do you most enjoy?

I really enjoy the variety of my role – no two days are the same and they all bring their own new challenges. I also really enjoy working in such a busy environment, as it means I’m never bored and I feel like I’m constantly learning new things. It’s also nice to have real responsibility and feel like I am an important member of the team.

What challenges do you typically have to manage?

We work across multiple client accounts and so they can have conflicting project delivery deadlines. It’s then our job to work out how we can meet these deadlines as a team. This also means that we are often juggling quite a few projects at once, so another challenge is ensuring that all projects are moving forwards at all times.

What makes working at OPEN Health great? What’s different about working here?

What’s great about OPEN Health is the supportive and collaborative environment in which we work. Every person and team I’ve worked with has always been incredibly friendly and helpful; we all want each other to succeed and it really shows in how we support each other. Even when people are busy, they will always put their hand up to offer help when you need it. But it’s not just about work – we always make time for some fun as well!


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