OPEN Health Medical Communications: one brand fit for the future

Written by Rob Barker on Tuesday 5th March 2019

Rob Barker, CEO, OPEN Health Medical Communications, takes 10 minutes out to discuss the recent re-branding of OPEN Health.

1. Why has Succinct re-branded as OPEN Health Medical Communications?

Succinct has re-branded to show more clearly that it is part of a broader communications agency group called OPEN Health. In the past, we have found it quite difficult to communicate eight different agencies, so step 1 was to consolidate those into three distinct Practices:

  1. Medical Communications
  2. Patient & Brand Communications (PBC)
  3. Value, Informatics & Evidence (VIE)

All of these are going to share the common name ‘OPEN Health’. We wanted to make it absolutely clear that we’re one coordinated, joined-up group that will work together as required for the good of the client and their brand.

2. How does Peloton Advantage work with OPEN Health Medical Communications?

Peloton merged with OPEN Health at the beginning of December 2018. Succinct is well established, primarily as an EMEA agency, while Peloton has a strong US presence; bringing these agencies together allows us to work together to meet all of our clients’ needs in the global arena.

In Europe, the team operates as OPEN Health and in the US as Peloton Advantage,
with the teams working closely together to provide a seamless global service.

3. What are the core services that OPEN Health Medical Communications now offers?

Succinct and Peloton both offer the full range of med comms and publication services. We now deliver globally: landscape analysis; internal and external training; stakeholder mapping and partnership; multi-channel medical education, including meetings and digital congresses; and publications planning and execution. Each agency complements and strengthens the offering of the other, and obviously we now have twice the resource to draw on.

4. What benefits does the merger bring to your clients?

Succinct and Peloton have complementary therapy area and operational expertise and can therefore provide a broader offering to each other’s clients.

5. What benefits does the merger bring to your people?

Both agencies have been through a sustained period of growth, and such growth offers many opportunities for the people within the agencies; for example, people can move up the career ladder quickly, they can get a broader experience with work, and they can also take advantage of the geographical movement that is now available. Our recruitment campaign is ‘How Far Do You Want To Go?’ (#HFDYWTG), and that really reflects our perspective that the opportunities are boundless for our people.

6. What does the future hold?

I have no doubt at all that Peloton and Succinct coming together is going to offer so much more than the sum of their parts. We have common values and attitudes and clear synergies. The coming together of the two agencies means opportunities for the people within them, a bigger and broader offering to our clients, and overall growth for the clients and our businesses. 


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