Partnership with biopharma company to critically assess current approach to scientific communications

Written on Friday 1st December 2023


  • Newly appointed Chief Business Officer looking to pivot the company to more strategically minded research and scientific communications, while strengthening relationships with external advisors
  • The client team sought
    • An external partner to interrogate their existing scientific communication platform and plan against the existing scientific data set
  • Recommendations for scientific advisory board membership, both the make-up and engagement plan


  • Designed a multi-workstream approach that included internal and external stakeholder validation steps along the way
    • Project plan evolved over time according to shifting client priorities, newly appointed client team members, and refinement of approaches for maximized stakeholder engagement and input
  • Assigned different OPEN Health leads to champion each workstream while working in coordination with one another
  • Maximized internal historical perspective on research and communications activities through an information audit, 1:1s, focus groups, and workshops


  • Restructured platform to include focus on technology and product profile, with indication-specific pillars built out separately
  • Liaised with R&D team to uncover evidence vs publication gaps and prioritized with C-suite based on feasibility and necessity

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