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We are a global, full-service agency offering Medical Affairs consultancy and content, publications, medical education and internal training.

Why us?

Scientific insights

Scientific insight

We completely grasp the science with experience and insight that are second
to none.

But we go further than that...

Meaningful solutions

Meaningful solutions

... much further.

We think beyond the science and create meaningful solutions.

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Dedicated partnership

Our clients benefit from a stimulating and rewarding partnership, with a trusted team that always goes the extra mile.

Our solutions: always fresh, purposeful and clinically relevant

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Expect more from Medical Affairs consultancy and content

What you would expect

Clinical data and landscape mapping, a strategic plan, and consistent, insightful core messaging and content to cascade through tactical deliverables

But that is not enough…

Our approach

We integrate the multiple lenses of the cross-functional team to address the evidence needs of all stakeholders and maximise the value proposition

Expect more from us

We start with the aim in mind, delivering engaging content that is bespoke to the needs of your audiences and targeted against your key challenges

Expect more from internal training

What you would expect

Improvement in your team's knowledge

Programmes developed with expert input from our specialist Learning & Development team

But that is not enough…

Our approach

We design training with outcomes in mind so your teams have everything they need to perform to their maximum potential

Expect more from us

We provide compelling content and effective delivery

Your teams are prepared to face the challenges of a competitive landscape and be credible partners to healthcare professionals

Expect more from multichannel medical education

What you would expect

Communicating the science

But that is not enough…

Our approach

It is peer-to-peer HCP conversations that really drive change and improve clinical practice

Engaging peer-to-peer dialogue is at the heart of everything we do

Expect more from us

Medical education that inspires behaviour change

  • Strong thought leader partnership
  • Compelling content
  • Memorable and engaging delivery

Expect more from publications planning and execution

What you would expect

Well-written publications, underpinned by a robust and compliant development process

But that is not enough…

Our approach

Dedicated senior support to ensure knowledge retention and the highest quality work

We consider the broader context and audience needs for the publication plan as a whole

Expect more from us

We provide a lasting partnership

A counterpart who does more than just understand the data, but challenges and makes suggestions based on experience and insight, increasing the value and reach of publication outputs

Digital health communications experts

Our in-house team are your "one-stop" shop for digital medical communications

Read more about how our digital health communication experts support our global practices

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OPEN Health Medical Communications numbers infographic

A global practice with in‑depth knowledge of US and European markets

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