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Delivering training that drives enhanced performance

The Learning & Development team brings together a unique set of skills and experience that allows us to offer you a fresh, innovative approach to learning.

We always start by defining outcomes and center everything around both your strategy and your learners.

A winning formula for internal training

Your teams are your most powerful tool; they will be at the heart of your success. Equipping them to achieve enhanced performance will allow you to set and implement a smart, effective strategy.

Our winning formula produces effective programs that develop knowledge, competencies and confidence using multiple training techniques built on robust adult learning theory. Our programs are designed with outcomes in mind, so your teams have everything they need to implement learnings and reach their maximum potential.

Building knowledge with compelling content


All training material must be robust and up to date, balancing breadth and depth to build knowledge that will equip learners to become credible partners to stakeholders across the healthcare community.

Clinical relevance

An understanding of science and data is fundamental, but to have conversations that resonate with HCPs, the team also need to understand how these relate to clinical practice.

Strategic alignment

It is vital that training clearly articulates your strategy and focusses conversations in the right areas. By interlinking training with communications plans, we can boost performance across all forms of customer interaction.

Beyond what, to how: competencies

Traditional training programs often focus on increasing the knowledge of participants, potentially supplemented by skills sessions.

Although both are important, what is typically missing is a more integrated program in which competencies are woven into the main program so that learners can apply what they have learned to real-life scenarios.

Customer engagement

KOL profiling

Objection handling
Strategic planning

Insight gathering

Medical messaging

Data interpretation
Presentation skills

"Knowledge and competence are crucial to performance, but confidence is often the X factor that will really drive performance."

Confidence breeds and predicts success

Connecting the dots

How does good internal training improve patient outcomes? Good outcomes depend on healthcare professionals having the right information at the right time to make the right choices for their patients.

Over the next few months, we will be connecting the dots to show you why Knowledge + Competencies + Confidence = Enhanced Performance, how to sustain motivation in your team, how to evaluate your training program and, ultimately, how this all leads to better patient outcomes.

The Learning & Development senior team

Jess Ingram
Jess Ingram

SVP, Learning & Development

Justin Sodano
Justin Sodano

US Vice President, Learning & Development

Briony Frost
Briony Frost, PhD, FHEA

Learning Design & Development Specialist

Tyler Ray
Dr Tyler Ray, MBBCh

Medical Advisor

Francisca Costa
Francisca Costa, PharmD

Senior Account Director

Aniket Parikh
Aniket Parikh, MPharm

Senior Medical Writer

Jessamy lowe
Jessamy Lowe, MSc

Senior Account Director

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US Vice President, Learning & Development

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