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Losing control of life transitions and how to measure its impact to drive the value of positive change

Date and time: On-demand

There are many life transitions where people can experience loss of control, for example during menopause or pregnancy. Rare disease patients face significant physical and psychological effects of navigating life transitions as there are numerous pathways and societal constraints to overcome. Understanding the impact of these pathways has a direct influence on the value placed in new treatments and interventions, which makes it a very important factor to recognize and measure to drive positive change.

During this panel, experts will discuss what can be done to further understand the impact of life transitions for patients living with a rare disease.

In this session we will:

  • Hear patient experiences of specific life transitions and how rare disease forced the patient to make individual life decisions 
  • Discuss how gender has impacted patient’s life transitions
  • Hear a physician’s perspective on why this life transition is challenging to manage
  • Discuss why Quality of Life (QOL) research is so important and why we should quantify the challenge and impact of life transitions 
  • Share thoughts on methodologies to achieve this and how we can ensure patients are placed at the centre of any programme
60 minutes

On-demand webinars

Educating physicians in rare disease - Reducing the diagnostic odyssey and improving outcomes

30 minutes

This webinar will introduce Medics 4 Rare Diseases whose mission is to drive an attitude change towards rare diseases amongst medical students and doctors in training. In addition Lucy McKay, CEO of Medics 4 Rare Diseases and Gavin Jones, Director of Rare Disease, will be discussing core educational principles required to deliver better patient experience and outcomes for those living with rare diseases.

Succeeding with Star Wars Medicine - Translating the science and value of gene therapy to your key stakeholders

30 minutes

This webinar is dedicated to a short summary of our recently published white paper in gene therapy plus a Q&A session. Gavin Jones, Director of Rare Disease discusses our thoughts on effective communications, and tools that will enable to help deliver rapid and sustained uptake of advanced therapies.

Bringing data to life: Creating clarity from complexity

30 minutes

Data visualisation enables us to understand complex information such as the 'R' value and 'flattening the curve'. Equally, in scientific communications, we look to create clarity from complexity. In our next webinar, we look at bringing data to life and what successful data visualisation really looks like.

Cutting through the noise: Reaching your audience in a COVID-19 world

30 minutes

In the current healthcare landscape, is it possible to communicate to your audience effectively? How can you ensure it reaches the right people? Our OPEN Health experts will be answering these key questions and providing their views with real-life examples.

Optimising patient pathways in rare disease through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

30 minutes

Gavin Jones, Director of Rare Disease, OPEN Health was in conversation with Peter Rutherford, Global Medical Lead, Orphan Renal Diseases, Vifor Pharma, about the current challenges for the rare disease community, identifying opportunities to drive change and what medical education looks like in the new world.

OPEN Health answers your questions on virtual meetings & events

30 minutes

At OPEN Health, we have been delivering virtual, interactive events for many years, from advisory boards to workshops to large speaker-led meetings. Whether via bespoke software created by our expert in-house digital team, or other tried-and-tested industry-leading solutions, we believe that ‘in person’ isn’t the only way.

We know that it is not just the digital solution that makes a meeting effective and so in an ever-changing environment, OPEN Health's Head of Digital Communications, Gemma Allen, answers your questions around virtual event solutions.

The field team are off the road! What should we do next?

30 minutes

With the current global health events bringing restricted travel, postponement of medical conferences, and more home-working there are a number of real challenges, but also opportunities. Jess Ingram, Managing Director, OPEN Health, will answer your questions on how to make the most of the unique circumstances by delivering impactful training through digital channels, as well as top tips for ensuring your team stays motivated and engaged.

John McConnell answers the pharmaceutical industry’s questions on the future impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare landscape

In light of the recent global health events, there are certainly more questions than answers. Fortunately, we will be speaking with infectious disease expert, John McConnell to answer your questions and better understand the impact COVID-19 is likely to have on the future healthcare landscape.

Solving 5 common challenges in transitioning medical communications content to digital formats

Is your team ready for the transition of your medical communications to digital formats? Gemma Allen, Head of Digital Communications shares her thoughts on how to assess your team’s capabilities and how to avoid common mistakes when digitising content.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on publications planning and data dissemination?

OPEN Health publication experts answer your questions on the impact COVID-19 is having on publications and discusses changes in pharmaceutical company priorities that have resulted from the pandemic.

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