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Accelerating patient access to oncology therapies

We have broad expertise in bringing therapies to the patients who need them. By working together to remove barriers, we can we can improve outcomes for patients by helping get life-saving treatments to market faster.

Our experience in oncology

OPEN Health’s rich heritage in oncology spans 20+ years

>50% of our staff have valuable experience in this field

Through thousands of projects delivered over many years, ​we have unparalleled connections in oncology​

  • Unrivalled relationships built over decades​
  • Key expert connections in multiple tumor areas across the globe​
  • Interactions with ~1000 thought leaders in the past 12 months​ ​

We maintain our expertise by regularly interacting with thought leaders in the field, attending all key conferences and symposia, and staying abreast of the literature.

Case Study: Global consolidated patient journey in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL)

We work to develop optimal solutions for our clients that positively impact science, medicine, and patients’ lives.


Meaningful Outcomes


OPEN Health is passionate about oncology and dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge to improve patient outcomes and advance the field

Innovation in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

This article explores recent developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment, including the integration of genomics, bioinformatics, and digital tools, in addition to discussing new vaccines, new treatments, and treatment resistance.

Novel Oncology Therapies Require Innovative Methods in Oncology Modeling

This article highlights the need for innovative methods in oncology modeling to demonstrate the value of new cancer treatments. It discusses new, flexible modeling approaches that can provide a more accurate estimate of the value of new drugs than current modeling approaches allow.

As publication experts with a wealth of oncology experience, we understand the oncology publishing environment well

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