The EarthWorks at the Digital Impact Awards 2017

Written on Monday 30th October 2017

Last week, The EarthWorks (An OPEN Health Company) were back at The Brewery, this time for the Digital Impact Awards.

The Digital Impact Awards benchmark digital communications in the corporate space, an area that continues to innovate year on year. The 2017 event welcomed attendees from a variety of companies and agencies, all vying for the coveted prizes on offer.

The EarthWorks won the Silver award  for 'Best use of digital from the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector’ and were awarded the Silver award. This is the first time that The EarthWorks have entered non-pharma specific awards and it is fantastic to be recognised across digital communications as a whole!

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Communicate magazine and founder of the Digital Impact Awards, says

“Last year was one of the most competitive of years in the entire history of the awards programme. Yet this year’s awards signified the leaps and bounds that digital communications are continuing to make across the professional plateau. The sheer quality and character of the evening’s winners exemplifies not only the homogeneity of today’s digital communications, but equally its importance.” 

For further information on The EarthWorks patient engagement and digital technology offering, please get in touch with Alex Butler, Managing Director at The EarthWorks (an OPEN Health company) at:, or +44 (0)7718 113 500.