Chime Cymbal Awards 2017

Written on Wednesday 29th March 2017

Last Thursday 23rd March, the annual #CHIMECymbalAwards2017 were hosted at Chime Communications Limited HQ, London. OPEN Health proudly walked away with numerous shortlisted entries and some very well deserved wins!

On the evening of Thursday 23rd March 2017, the annual CHIME Cymbal Awards 2017 took place at the CHIME group head offices at Buckingham Gate, London. The CHIME Cymbal Awards is an internal annual awards event run by Chime group, to recognise and reward exceptional work carried out by the groups within CHIME. This means CSMVCCPOPEN HealthCHIME specialist group and CHIME Insight and Engagement, come together and enter their greatest and innovative work and compete against one another for the accolade. Not only is this a chance to display the offerings of each business within these groups to their web of wider colleagues across the whole CHIME group family, but an opportunity to be acknowledged for their successes.

At CHIME, it is believed that the people, at all levels, across all business units, across all functions, are the reason for the groups continued success. Therefore, the reason this annual event is run is to ensure that all companies within the group are continuously motivated and aware of how appreciated they are. It is also an opportunity to encourage networking between all the CHIME businesses, educate ourselves in more depth as to what the other businesses do, and to promote further collaboration between us all. The fundamental principles of CHIME are to be a group of social, curious, open, responsible and entrepreneurial specialists within our fields. Therefore, it is important we continue to work together, and celebrate our accomplishments with one another.

Prior to the event, businesses within the group enter their own creations and projects into various categories, such as: Best use of Tech/Digital, Brand experience: Live, Long-term Marketing Excellence, Marketing for good and Cross-divisional Collaboration. Every year the competition gets tougher, in terms of quantity and quality of entries.

This year, the event was kicked-off with a drinks reception. Once everyone had arrived and settled, the awards were then presented by Chris Satterthwaite, CEO, CHIME group and Stephanie Brimacombe, CMO, CHIME Group.

OPEN Health is particularly proud of its teams this year. Not only did they achieve 5 shortlisted entries across 4 categories, they also secured 3 wins!

 A very well deserved congratulations to the following: 

Caroline Marlborough, Simon Worsley, Victoria Jones and Jon Rayner at SuccinctChoice (UK) part of the Succinct Medical Communications group (an OPEN Health company), for their MULTI-MARKET CAMPAIGN AWARD WIN! 

And Emma Cuckson at The EarthWorks Insights part of The EarthWorks (an OPEN Health company) for her RISING STAR UNDER 30 AWARD WIN!

For further coverage on the CHIME Cymbal Awards 2017, head over to Twitter and Instagram and search the #CHIMECymbalAwards2017 hashtag. 

For further information about the CHIME communications, OPEN Health and the specialist businesses within our group, please contact us on: Hannah Rose, Marketing Executive at OPEN Health or Carwyn Jones Partnerships Director at OPEN Health