OPEN Health Consulting: one brand fit for the future

Written by Richard Baderin on Tuesday 26th March 2019

Richard Baderin, Managing Director, OPEN Health Consulting, takes 10 minutes out to discuss the recent rebranding of OPEN Health.

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1. Why has Accretio rebranded as OPEN Health Consulting?

The whole OPEN Health group has rebranded and restructured to make the connectivity across the different specialisms that form our group really clear to our clients. Given Accretio had been operating as the consulting division of OPEN Health we’ve rebranded as OPEN Health Consulting.

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2. What has happened to Accretio?

The Accretio brand remains important to us because there are instances when we engage in partnerships with life science companies where we have activities which are customer facing in a promotional and medical affairs capacity. We’ll continue to do this under the Accretio name.

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3. What are the core services that OPEN Health Consulting now offers?

We remain committed to supporting our clients across a range of strategic solutions and implementation services. Our three focus areas remain launch preparation, brand optimisation and commercial planning. We retain the ability to support clients with a range of implementation services to drive performance and growth. So, the essentials of the services remain the same and they are all underpinned by our advice coming from a place of absolute understanding because we are deeply involved in commercialisation and brand management.

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4. What benefits does this bring to your clients?

Making the full OPEN Health offering really clear to our clients helps explain more clearly the full range of solutions that are available and the breadth of expertise that informs our thinking. There is a true benefit in making it clear that we have a multi-disciplinary thinking at the heart of everything that we do, informed by the ongoing client engagements across the specialisms of OPEN Health.

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5. What benefits does this bring to your people? 

The learning opportunity at OPEN Health is incredible. It’s unusual to have a company where the specialisms range from observational clinical trials right through to cutting-edge digital technology and everything in between. In terms of developing your holistic expertise in the life sciences it’s a great place to do this. Therefore, whether you want to take a specialist route or keep your options open for the future on a more generalist track, the development opportunities are vast.

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6. What else does the future hold?

Technology is becoming progressively more important for all companies and technological innovation is becoming expected in the solutions we provide to clients. I anticipate that OPEN Health Consulting will increase our use of advanced technological solutions to address our client’s needs. Bringing together the power of technology and data, with multi-disciplinary expertise will be a key aspect of the value that we can bring to clients moving forwards.

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