Improving Healthcare Communications in Rare Disease - Blog Part 3

Written by Benjamin James on Thursday 25th July 2019

OPEN Health are delighted to be supporting Benjamin James with his master’s studies and his dissertation on 'Improving Healthcare Communications in Rare Disease’.  Please read part 3 of his blog experience here.

It has been great to work with OPEN Health over the last few weeks, getting to know and be introduced to different people across the organisation and contribute to some exciting projects around patient lay summaries. I have been made to feel really welcome, with the experience of the last few weeks confirming my desire to pursue a career in healthcare communications.

During my final week I had the opportunity to present at a gene therapy workshop, where I talked about the science of gene therapy and contributed to discussions around the creation of a gene therapy task force. This allowed me to share my insights into the area and how the cross functional group could work. This workshop clearly showed to me the importance of collaborations across the three different practices at OPEN Health. This was great to see and I am really glad I could contribute to this.

I have also been working on my dissertation and have conducted all the interviews, analysed the articles and finished all the reading and notes for my project. So now the fun starts, putting all this information together into a dissertation over the next month!

Whilst these few weeks seem to have gone quite quickly, I have really enjoyed my time at OPEN Health. But don’t worry, I will be back in the near future working for OPEN Health; something that I am really looking forward to.