A day in the life of a Senior Account Manager

Written by Gabby Santa Cruz, Communications and Connectivity Manager on Friday 25th March 2022

We asked Rose-Marie Billington to give us an insight into her role as a Senior Account Manager at OPEN Health.

Please summarize your role and responsibilities 

I am a Senior Account Manager, which means my role is to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of a number of projects for our clients. These projects are varied – from standalone meetings to advisory boards, and scientific communications platforms to internal training materials; they involve working collaboratively with other team members/teams within OPEN Health. My role involves working closely with all the team members engaged in each project to help manage priorities and resourcing, review work as required, and ensure we continue to nurture and build upon the strong partnerships we have with our clients.

Please briefly describe a typical working day 

A typical working day for me always starts with a large black coffee as I scroll through my emails! If I’m working from the office, I treat myself to an oat milk flat white from my local Caffè Nero instead to make my short commute more enjoyable!

I then reorganize and add to my to-do list (which I write every evening) based on messages that have arrived overnight. In terms of the specific tasks on my to-do list, many will be centered around staying on top of financial tracking across our projects, and checking in with team members regarding deliverables and timelines. I will generally be involved in several meetings, will provide strategy-focused reviews for some materials, and ensure all our projects are following our rigorous quality control processes. I might also take some ad hoc calls from clients throughout the day.

What aspect of your day/role do you most enjoy?

Without a doubt, my favorite part of my role is nurturing strong relationships with clients and internal team members. Creating and maintaining true partnerships with clients, so they know they can rely on us as an extension of their own team to help their business succeed, is hugely rewarding. Similarly, being quite a solution-focused and upbeat person, I really enjoy the elements of my role that allow me to support and uplift internal team members. We’re a tight-knit group, so having such positive interactions comes very easily!

What are some of your reflections from your time at OPEN Health so far?

I joined OPEN Health back in January 2020, so I was lucky to have a couple of months in the office prior to lockdown. I quickly made many close friendships, which only became stronger during the course of the government lockdowns due to COVID-19. As we all began navigating a global pandemic and the sudden work-from-home environment, it immediately became clear how much OPEN Health genuinely care about supporting their employees, and they provide us with a multitude of resources to facilitate that support. At OPEN Health, I feel valued and appreciated as an individual, and I also feel part of something bigger – a strong, talented team of truly wonderful people. I’m inspired by colleagues for a plenty of reasons – both personally and professionally – on a regular basis, and I feel totally at home at OPEN Health. From a professional perspective, the opportunities with which I’m presented – as well as those we carve out for ourselves – foster a rewarding environment in which we can continue to be ambitious in terms of career goals. From a personal perspective, I’ve made some friends for life, have a good work-life balance, and a huge amount of job satisfaction.

I am excited to see how my career continues to develop here at OPEN Health – I can genuinely picture myself working here for the rest of my career.


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