Being in the shoes of a launch lead – lessons from the front line

Written by Charlotte Richards on Friday 25th January 2019

New product launches are the lifeblood of healthcare companies and yet a review of recent product launches shows that nearly 50% of launches did not even reach half of their expected peak sales.

The commercial launch of a new product is complex, with many moving parts in an ever-evolving environment. With the first 6-months being a key indicator of long-term trajectory, it is essential to start right. Ensuring strategic alignment to customer insight, leading a unified approach, and driving astute activity planning and execution are key factors for launch success.

At OPEN Health, we have extensive experience in supporting successful launches. In the last 18 months, ACCRETIO have supported 14 launches across 9 therapy areas and been responsible for launching 6 products on behalf of our partners. We have led all aspects of launch planning from full landscape analysis and competitor review, through to development of the pricing strategy, through to in-field resource planning, targeting and deployment.

Our up-to-date in-market launch experience means that we really understand what it takes to be successful in a challenging environment. We have lived and breathed launch planning - we know the importance of gaining astute insight from customers across the patient pathway; we understand how to build insights from qualitative and quantitative information and translate this into strategic objectives and an implementation plan; we have learnt just how important it is to prioritise key activities and keep things simple.

We support teams through their launch journey by applying our learnings and experience, helping them to avoid common launch pitfalls, consider and mitigate against potential risks and develop a detailed launch plan aligned to their organisational resources, capabilities and sales performance aspirations.

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