The future of cancer drug health's bespoke CDF workshop

Written on Friday 23rd October 2015

The pharmaceutical industry has now had time to digest the implications of the proposals for the future of cancer drug commissioning.

Although the final commissioning arrangements will not be known until after the consultation has closed, companies are starting to plan their strategies for launching into this new and uncertain environment.

At OPEN Health we have a dedicated oncology team with experience in, and understanding of, all tumour types; unrivalled relationships with UK oncology stakeholders; and unsurpassed knowledge of the healthcare environment. Our teams of market access and real world data experts, at OPEN Access Consulting and pH Associates, can help with developing your strategy, scenario planning and collecting the right kind of real-world data, all while supporting you during the process.

Our team will develop and deliver, in partnership with you, a bespoke workshopaccording to the needs of your brand and your time until launch, which might include addressing the following questions:

  • What is your UK positioning?
  • What is your Value Proposition?
    • Do you have the data set to support the value proposition?
    • If not can these data be collected in time for NICE?
  • Can you achieve the £30,000 cost per QALY for NICE or at the end of the CDF?
    • What are the drivers for cost effectiveness?
    • Can you achieve cost per QALY of £30,000 for NICE with a discount?
    • What results would need to be achieved to deliver a cost per QALY of £30,000?
  • What are the anticipated data needs and what is the best way to collect these data?

Let’s combine OPEN Health’s experience with yours to navigate the uncertainty!

For any further information please contact:
Sean McGrath (Chairman and Director of Oncology, Succinct Medical Communications and OPEN Health,
Cathy Wright (Joint Managing Director, OPEN Access Consulting,
Cathy Jarrold (Joint Managing Director, OPEN Access Consulting,
To discuss your real-world evidence needs please contact Sam Oliver, Director of Real-World Evidence Solutions, pH Associates (