How is Real World Data currently used by industry professionals?

Written by Marie Keetley on Monday 21st May 2018

pH Associates are excited to present their poster at the 23rd Annual International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Meeting #ISPORBaltimore today.

The results being presented are from an exploratory survey suggesting that industry professionals recognise Real World Evidence (RWE) as important in supporting brand value messages and report a direct positive impact of RWE on product reimbursement status.  RWE needs to be considered as a key component of a product’s value proposition.

The objective of the survey was to understand pharmaceutical industry professionals’ views on the importance of local and multi-country RWE within their organisation, and the ability of their organisation to conduct studies.

Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are conducted to demonstrate efficacy in a controlled environment. However, RCTs may not provide enough information to resolve regulator and payer uncertainty around effectiveness in clinical practice1.

Therefore, the requirement for WE to support healthcare decision making is growing and has been recognised as a priority by the US National Academy of Medicine2.

The computerisation of health care systems and expansion of smart devices have created unprecedented opportunities to collect and extract data (on clinical diagnoses, treatment, patients reported outcomes, demographics etc.) which can be used as sources of RWE3.


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