The real world challenge

Written on Tuesday 21st April 2015

RWE is now recognised as critical to all commercial activities and is becoming embedded across the life-science industry

A bigger proportion of budgets is being allocated to RWE generation….but are your teams doing the right projects at the right times to maximise the success?

This summit will take a fresh look at what a successful RWE programme looks like for all parties and challenge you to include more diverse and emerging approaches to achieve successes in this exciting field.

Where: King’s Fund, Cavendish Square, London
When: Tuesday 5th May, 4 – 7pm

Join us for this informative and thought provoking session and hear from NHS, industry and patient speakers. Confirmed speakers include Professor Martin Gibson, GM CRN on primary care RWE research, Dr Andrew Lloyd on patient centric measurement, Dr David O’Reilly Consultant Rheumatologist on how “Data is Power” in the NHS and more……..

This is an invitation only event. If you would like to attend please contact Sam Oliver at pH Associates on 01628 401720  or email