My first year as an Associate Medical Writer at OPEN Health Medical Communications: Shireene Kalbassi

Written by Liam O'Hara on Tuesday 20th October 2020

We asked Shireene Kalbassito to give us an insight into her role as an Associate Medical Writer at OPEN Health.

Shireene Kalbassi
In one sentence, please describe your role at OPEN Health Medical Communications?

I develop a range of written materials for a number of different accounts.

In one word how would you describe your first year at OPEN Health Medical Communications?


How does your experience thus far compare to your original expectations?

I would say that it largely meets my expectations in terms of what to expect on a daily basis; however, there are always surprises and new opportunities, and the work is always interesting!

What’s the culture like at OPEN Health?

The team that I work in is made up of friendly and enthusiastic people, and everyone is supportive and happy to help when needed. I’m proud of how everyone has responded to the challenges associated with the COVID pandemic; even while working remotely, the team remains friendly and personable.

What training have you had in your first year?

There is a range of training available on OPEN Health’s training portal ‘Bloom’, which is delivered either as a live or recorded virtual training session or an eLearning module. The training available covers a range of subjects, such as the ABPI Code of Practice and document development, as well as topics such as best practice for working from home. The training is really helpful, especially for those who are new to the industry, and feedback received from other writers and the wider team is also invaluable as a learning tool.

What have you learnt over your year?

A lot! Since working at OPEN Health, I have developed so many different materials that I had never previously worked on, and I am always learning new things about a range of therapeutic areas.

What has been your best moment throughout your first year?

I’m not sure I have a best moment per se, but I do have several pieces of work that I feel very proud to have worked on, and it always feels rewarding to have clients who are happy with your work.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Coming from academia, and having never worked in a medical communications company before, working in a large company was not something that I was used to. However, it goes without saying that you aren’t left to figure it out by yourself. All of the teams have their own inductions, and everyone is happy to point you in the right direction.

What are you looking forward to in your second year with us?

Furthering my knowledge and experience on my existing accounts, as well as the prospect of new and exciting opportunities.


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