Open health 'summer social' 2016

Written on Wednesday 20th July 2016

Last week saw the annual OPEN Health ‘Summer Social with Rounders’ at Marlow Rugby Club.

Usually the only word to be relied on at an event like this is ‘social’ and with some of Harvey Walsh travelling down from Runcorn, and pH Associates up for it (as always), a good time was guaranteed. 

Competitive spirits were raised when discussions around the Rounders commenced: how it would work, the rules, and team selection causing most debate.

Light hearted banter ensued when both David Rowley, CEO and James Bell, Chief Accountant arrived raring to go in full rounders kit. Will Edgar, EarthWorks Insights, in his skinny jeans and smart shoes began to feel a little exposed. Were senior management taking this more seriously than had been initially thought…?

So, teams were picked and we were off!

Some of the key highlights/lowlights were as follows: 

  • Adam Buckley’s (Harvey Walsh) bodyline bowling tactics were regularly rebuked by the referees. For legal reasons we cannot mention the bat throwing incident…
  • Lowri Hughes (Talent Resourcing, OPEN Health), despite being out twice, still kept managing to sneak back in and have another go – luckily her ‘gos’ had little impact on the scoring.
  • Simon Worsley (as sole Succinct Choice representative) played a solid game, scoring heavily in each innings.
  • The referees (Tim Futter, Donna McNicol, Su McLain-Smith – all pH Associates) left a lot to be desired. Tim, in true pH style, had a clipboard so at least looked efficient, but Su and Donna shouldn’t have been allowed to referee with such a limited understanding of the rules, and a G&T in their left hands.
  • Sam Lethbridge (LEC) generated the most High Fives of any individual player.
  • Carwyn Jones (Partnerships) rolled back the years with the biggest rounder of the day, but then managed to tweak a hamstring.
  • Ben Hallowes (The EarthWorks) ended the night with a ripped shirt – we’re not quite sure how.

But there had to be a winner…

Although, no need to formally publish the result – the winners know who you are. The grumpy faces in the pics illustrate the high-running emotions from those who were not. 

Well done to everyone who attended, with representation from LECSuccinctEarthWorkspHOPEN Access ConsultingAccretioHarvey WalshChoice and Reynolds MacKenzie.

After the games came to a close, the bar remained open - once again propped up by pH who were well supported by Harvey Walsh.

See you all next year. Get practising…