The role RWE can play in demonstrating value of innovative technologies

Written by Fiona Glen on Monday 19th March 2018

The Digital Health Technology Show took place between 13th and 14th March at ExCel, London. With over 6000 people in attendance and over 300 exhibitors, this exciting event was the ideal place to learn about the new digital technologies and innovations which are revolutionising the healthcare market within the UK and internationally.

There was a wide range of attendees and exhibitors in attendance, ranging from budding entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs keen to showcase their innovations, to representatives from independent and NHS led-initiatives and networks looking to identify the next best thing and help encourage implementation of innovative technologies. 

Many solutions were focused on alleviating burden to healthcare systems, for example by encouraging patient self-management, speeding up patient referrals to primary or secondary care or through alleviating administrative burden so that the time of healthcare professionals could be diverted towards the patients who need it most. There was a great sense that this is a transformative period for global healthcare, as it moves slowly into a more patient-centric and digitalised era.

Operating within this relatively new but rapidly increasing digital health market, it was also apparent that many companies are beginning to recognise the role that robust evidence can play in terms of demonstrating the value of their solution and encouraging its uptake for the benefit of patients.

pH Associates (an OPEN Health company) have over 15 years of experience working on bespoke real world evidence projects for the mutual benefit of NHS, industry and academic partners, often resulting in peer-reviewed publications. If you are interested in learning more about how pH can help demonstrate the value of your innovative technology or solution, please contact Sam Oliver or Amanda Pulfer, Joint Managing Directors at pH Associates on or for more information, or to discuss your specific real world data needs.