Primary Care Networks - your new and vital customer

Written by Rhiannon Thomason on Friday 18th October 2019

Primary Care Networks (PCN) have emerged and they are your new and vital customer. Their role is to actively implement the NHS Long-term plan providing the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, in response to the needs of the patients they serve. It will be important for the pharmaceutical industry to know who they are and work in partnership with them throughout their lifecycle.

OPEN VIE have developed PCN Profiler which delivers critical information about these new organisations, the hierarchy within which they sit and the populations they serve; facilitating service planning/provision and leading to improved patient care.

Focusing on Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACS), PCN Profiler offers clear and concise information of real interest to your customers that they may not be able to access from their own systems, positioning you as an invaluable resource and asset in terms of determining their priority areas.

PCN Profiler delivers an up to date framework of practices to Primary Care Networks, along with key metrics including demographics, non-elective admissions, cost of care and historical QoF performance. This will enable your customers to prioritise and plan to ensure that they effectively hit the ground running to deliver the change that needs to happen.

Data included:

  • Practices mapped to PCNs
  • Hospital activity data for Ambulatory Care sensitive conditions (ACS) such as diabetes, AF, epilepsy and respiratory disease
  • Number of patients
  • Non-elective admissions
  • Number of elective admissions
  • Number of readmissions
  • Cost of admissions
  • QOF performance indicators
  • Prescribing data

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