Chime Showcase 2016

Written on Tuesday 18th October 2016

On Thursday 13th October, the annual CHIME Showcase 2016 took place at the CHIME group head offices at Buckingham Gate, London. The CHIME Showcase is an internal annual event run by the groups within CHIME. This means representatives from CSMVCCPOPEN HealthCHIME specialist group and CHIME Insight and Engagement, come together and display the offerings of each business within these groups, to their web of wider colleagues across the whole CHIME group family.

The motivation to run this annual event is to encourage networking between all the CHIME businesses, educate ourselves in more depth as to what the other businesses do, and to promote further collaboration between us. The fundamental principles of CHIME are to be a group of social, curious, open, responsible and entrepreneurial specialists within our fields. Therefore, it is important we continue to work together, continually question and improve our offerings with the assistance of one another, and have open minds to the development and innovation in the industries we work within.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a 360 service due to the numerous specialist companies within the group. It is therefore imperative we cement this pride and ethos of working from the inside out. 

The showcase is a relaxed yet informative event, set-up a bit like a careers fair would be. Each group has their own stand and exhibits the latest and greatest works and capabilities of the companies within that group. The whole of the CHIME group is then invited to browse the stands and get involved with the activities.

Every year the bar is raised, in terms of quality of showmanship and fun to be had – this year did not disappoint. From the MyAsthma App demonstrations by The EarthWorks (an OPEN Health company), to hands-on displays of the official Rio 2016 Olympic Games invite and Olympic torch by iLuka (a CSM company), there was plenty of variety and engaging displays.

Personal highlights from the evening included CIE promoting the ‘engagement’ element of their works, by drawing the crowds in with an old school game of Pokémon on the Nintendo 64, with company case studies encased in Poké Balls, off the back of the latest Pokémon Go pandemic. It turns out the rest of OPEN Health had the same idea with 3 of our employees ending up on the leader board!

Fasttrack agency also set up an awesome ‘CHIME Showcase’ snapchat geo-filter and the hashtag #CHIMEShowcase2016 was used to share live updates on a large screen across several social media platforms. For further updates on the CHIME Showcase 2016, head over to Twitter and Instagram and search the #CHIMEshowcase2016 hashtag.

VCCP Media (a VCCP company) showcased new concepts in outdoor, live-demonstrating new radio technology and even debuting a new Virtual Reality headset.

The evening was a great success with many business cards swapped, further relationships made. Oh and prizes won!

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