A day in the life of Harriet, Senior Account Manager at Reynolds-MacKenzie

Written by Harriet Reynolds on Tuesday 16th October 2018

Meet Harriet, just one of the stories behind the headlines

Tell us more about a day in the life of a Senior Account Manager at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

As a Senior Account Manager, it is my responsibility to lead up several exciting accounts, ranging from product communications, disease awareness, patient engagement to media communications. I act as the point of contact for clients and drive strategy and project delivery on their behalf, I also support both the more senior and junior members on accounts. Ultimately, it’s my job to drive results and make sure that I can support the team to reach our clients business goals. It’s also important as a Senior Account Manger to have a good understanding on the work across all accounts in the business, so that I can have a focus on business performance and to be able to provide guidance, and ideas to ensure the company continues to grow, and strengthen.

What did your first week at Reynolds-MacKenzie look like?

During my first week at Reynolds-MacKenzie, I was tasked with joining a team that was just about to embark on a media outreach and went on to achieve some incredible results. Although I was tested with getting stuck into the meaty work straight away, I was up for the challenge and revelled in the astounding coverage, including BBC 6 O’clock and 10 O’clock News! It wasn’t all hard work though; I was also taken out for lunch with my “buddy” to our local pizza joint, which I now know makes the best Pizza in Chancery Lane!

Why do you love working at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

As somebody who has always thrived in an environment full of diverse and energetic people; I understand that great ideas root from collaboration between people from different backgrounds, and with different opinions and skills. Reynolds-MacKenzie recognises people as being the heart of the company, and the importance of offering a nurturing, supportive and positive environment to allow people to grow their talents - it’s a company culture that I love being part of, and has helped me to develop my own skills and knowledge.

What are the key skills that help you successfully work as an SAM at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

There are a number of skills that make for a successful SAM at Reynolds-MacKenzie. Firstly, I’m responsible for leading up several accounts, so it’s important that I possess strong communication, organisation and team-working skills in order to ensure that day-to-day account work is handled smoothly and efficiently.

On top of this, I drive strategy and project delivering on behalf of our clients, so it’s crucial that I have a wide understanding of the healthcare and competitor landscape, and can clay out clear objectives and strategies that will maximise opportunities for the client and add value to the business and stakeholders.

Finally, I’m responsible for supporting more junior members of the team; where I execute the more challenging tasks presented by our clients, I also offer guidance and support to less experienced members of the team, and take opportunities to help them develop on their own skills.

Tell us more about Reynolds-MacKenzie’s culture and social side…?

As a company, we know there’s no harm in taking some time out of a busy schedule to get together in the office. We have a weekly team meeting on a Thursday, where we drink wine and brainstorm interesting and creative ideas about new business disease areas or corporate awareness campaigns, or simply to share updates on activities on existing client accounts!

There’s a very relaxed culture on a Friday – everyone finishes at 4pm, and there’s a spread of treats and drinks laid out for everyone to enjoy. It’s a fantastic culture, which recognises and rewards hard work.

Reynolds-MacKenzie also holds a number of socials every year, this year our summer social involved a private boat cruise along the Thames, a champagne reception up the London Eye, and a three course meal.

Outside of Reynolds-MacKenzie, what is your favourite thing to do?

I try and stay as active as possible, and usually get myself down to the gym in the morning before work, and really enjoy walking and cycling. At weekends, I love finding things to do around London with my friends.

What do you think is the most exciting opportunity for you in your future at Reynolds-MacKenzie?

There are two immediate opportunities that spring to mind when I think about my future at Reynolds-MacKenzie. The first is the opportunity for closer working with our sister agencies. OPEN Health has a unique network of companies that already have a track record of individual success. But for me, the real value of our communications can be maximised through collaboration and the exchange of insights and knowledge to enhance our campaigns. I’m looking forward to working with Open Health colleagues to further drive this partnering approach and ensure Reynolds-MacKenzie is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions. Secondly, I’m excited to be embarking on a journey with Reynolds-MacKenzie with a greater focus on more diversified projects. We know our roots, and will always have a core skill set and heritage in media relations, but we have experience in much more from disease awareness, to corporate reputation, digital and social media and policy. The opportunity to play my part in our continued growth is really exciting.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining Reynolds-MacKenzie?

No day is ever the same, so if you have an interest in healthcare, science or pharmaceutical and are after diverse work within a supportive, creative and fun team environment, then apply for a position with us!

With opportunities at all levels, this is your chance to join our close-knit team of passionate PR professionals. It’s a great place to work and a great place to grow.